Why goat farming ?

  • Goat is commonly known as ‘poor Man’s Cow’ in India and is very significant work in dry land farming system.
  • Appropriate for small and minor and land less laborers.
  • It needs less graze lands and ignition investment is low.
  • Risk of goat farming is less than other livestock species.
  • It is economically feasible sector to the rural people.
  • They are resistance to diseases.
  • In a short period we can get more income.
  • Considering the geographic, climatic situation and high demand, decision was taken to start Goat Farming on money-making level.
  • Confirmed still increasing Market price. This is the only agri business in which the producers fix the price for their products.
  • Goats are healthy, low in fat and cholesterol and are flexible for styles many of eating.
  • Quality kid meat is tasty and healthy, it rivals top quality lamb.
  • Milk fed kid meat or capretto is so tender and can be enjoyed in so many ways.

Our Goat Farming

Our Goat farm’s goats have huge demands in market because these goats are well nourished in clean and healthy place. Also they are good in health because they got neat, clean and sufficient food.

Customer also can get good quality of production from our goat farm. The housing of Goats has been made in a rationally broad area providing sufficient space for movement of goats freely.

Our Goats are horizontal to various types of viral and bacterial diseases that can be harmful for them. Diseases like PPR, goat pox, foot and mouth diseases, anthrax, brucellosis etc. For this, a facility for proper vaccination and regular check-up has been made. Kids are vaccinated with PPR vaccine after they reach the age of five months to avoid health hazard.

Our Goat Farm Tourism

Though Sherkar Farm is often promoted as a place for kids’ information, also the goat farm is much liked by people of all ages. This is where you can find nearly all age goat and all types of dairy products, fresh and right out of the farm. Everything that can be processed from goat milk can be found here. Kids or people, who are routine explorers, will have a festival time feeding or milking the goats. Sherkar Farm is an excellent place for organizing small and big family and social trip etc.

If you are willing to give your class a refreshing visit to a place where the tiny tots can learn something through fun, Sherkar Goat Farm is the absolute perfect place to visit. Children can learn things hands-on and go back home with a decent knowledge of dairy system, livestock and animal food habits. The first lesson of biology can start right here. So, visit Sherkar Goat Farm, do booking fast.