Goats are among the main meat-producing animals in India, whose meat is one of the good-quality meats and has vast domestic demand. Due to its good economic predict, goat rearing under intensive and semi-intensive system for gainful production has been gaining impetus for the past couple of years. There is vast demand for Indian Goats overseas as well; Indian Goats are favored over other regions due to the fact of their natural growth and quality of meat.

Here we are

Our Sherkar Goat Farm is located at Shiroli Village, in Junnar, Pune District. Our Farm is built using the best facilities for the Goats and employs many local residents to support the rural development. All the Goats are raised and nourished in stalls with best food and care. Health and growth of each and every goat is monitored on daily basis, providing vaccination and medicine to prevent from all diseases. We have proper shedding for Goats. This enough space and food provides better propagation and living environment.

We have successfully achieved better quality values with a high level of customer satisfaction resulting in long lasting relations and large amount of transfer work through technical breakthrough and inventive concepts.

What we have ?

Presently our Goat Farms Capacity of is 200 Goats and currently 125 goats available in our goats farm. All are Sojat Goats.

Where we are ?

Sherkar Goat Farms is located in Pune district in Maharashtra, India. We are located 88 kms from Pune, 140 kms from Nashik, 160 kms from Mumbai and 81 kms from Ahmednagar.