Our Sherkar Goat Farm is located at Shiroli Village, in Junnar, Pune District. Our Farm is built using the best facilities for the Goats and employs many local residents to support the rural development.

Our Farm

Our Goat farm’s goats have huge demands in market because these goats are well nourished in clean and healthy place provided by us. Also they are good in health because they got neat, clean…


Currently we have Sojat goats which are originate from Rajasthan in India. It is cross bred from the Jamnapari goat. It is primarily farmed for its meat and then for milk, giving 65kg per lactation period.

Goat Farming

Customer also can get good quality of production from our goat farm. The housing of Goats has been made in a rationally broad area providing sufficient space for movement of goats freely.

Our Goat Farm